Susie Panczyzsyzn

Licensed Cosmetologist 


Licensed since 2018 and graduate from Paul Mitchell, Orange County. My approach to hair cuts, haircoloring, and styling behind the chair is classic, personable and creative. Being a stylist is more than just coming and going. You leave with an experience and understanding in how to better maintain and care for your hair and or beauty needs. I am an open book, anything you want to know I will share and or find out for you! 

My Why:

To connect, build relationships with people, culture, and community. 

To care for others, meet beauty needs, create art, and just simply share anything related to beauty.

Achieve life and personal goals, and to fulfill my dreams in a meaningful way to help myself and other people.

At the beginning and end of it, God gets all the glory. I do what I do, to the best of my ability, by using my skills and passion to spread the loving kindness of God and share beauty from what I have mastered and experienced.


More About Susie


Originally from the heart of Southern California and recently moved to Dallas, Texas, September 2021. Wife and mom to a little newborn.
Explorer of nature and a foodie lover. Gelato is always the best dessert and adding a hot cookie to it is even better. On my spare time, I enjoy cooking, working out, running, relaxing by water, music, photography, reading, going to events, being festive and just exploring things to do.  Something you should know, I may be shy at first but once we get to know each other I love connecting and being personable. As being a new to the area, I would like to connect in knowing your favorite things to do, see and experience. And, if you are a mama, then please share what works for you, because this mama here is new at this. Look forward to meeting and or connecting! God bless!


Beautify Me Susie Difference

All women are beautiful with or without hair and make up done.
With our natural gravitation to beauty products, tools and color, we create and redefine beauty.
For truly, the only lasting beauty is the beauty of the heart ❤️

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