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To provide a service of trust, respect, love and or encouragement.

To educate and enhance beauty confidence in clients through a personalized service experience.

Lets go beyond hair and make-up; it's all about energy and exchanging positive energy.  Lets bring out the best in you! 

Ultimately, to create positive relationships and feed off each other.

True beauty spreads and transpires from the inside out and is to be shared and or celebrated.

Making a difference whether it be big or small for each individual.


Susie Leach


My Why:
To connect with people, culture, and community. Caring for others and meet beauty needs and by sharing useful information on hair and all things beauty.
God gets all the glory but at the end of the day it is to spread the loving kindness of God.
Achieve life and personal goals and to fulfill my dreams in a meaningful way to help myself and other people.

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